Writing Objectives for a Bilingual Lesson

When an additional language is brought in as a medium of instruction for a course (whether partially or fully), the first reaction of teachers is often this: “I don’t have enough time to teach everything.”

In many classrooms around the world, teachers implement a coverage curriculum—that is, where the goal is to cover all of the pages in a textbook.

Teachers used to the coverage curriculum quickly find out that their previously used coverage curriculum is not compatible with bilingual education and that change is required.

So what is the alternative? A standards-based curriculum driven by course outcomes and lesson objectives.

In a standards-based curriculum, courses are designed around the important concepts students must be able to demonstrate.

The first step to implementing a standards-based curriculum is to write your standards (objectives). Robert Talbert at Grading for Growth has a very informative post on how to do that.

For those not familiar with writing standards, I highly recommend reading the post. I believe this is one of the first skills a teacher must master (outside of language) to successfully implement a bilingual course.

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