Why Arizona (and Other States) Are Wrong About Teacher Hiring

Arizona is the latest state to sign into law that people with 5 years of “relevant” field experience may enter the teaching profession without teaching training and credentials. (Washington Post)
Why would they do this?
Teacher shortage is a problem in many states and this allows a fast track to fill vacancies.
While many may see this as a solution to the problem, I feel this policy is faulty and may result in causing more problems than it fixes.
Here are three reasons why this is a bad idea.
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It Takes a School to Change a (10) Child

A friend of mine shared with me a huge choice he made at the end of last school year.
He volunteered to teach a remedial grade 6 class with a long history of behavior problems.
Their behavior problems are so bad that many (and I mean many) of their former teachers have moved on to other schools, specifically citing behavior issues as the reason.
Sounds exciting, right?
More like “What was he thinking?”
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NCAA March Madness- Bringing Together Your Staff

March Madness is here!
It has been reported that “distracted employees cost businesses about $4 billion per year” (WalletHub.com). I buy into this statistic because for the next few weeks, I will be glued to ESPN, checking the updates, and constantly questioning the decisions I have made on my bracket. I am definitely part of the problem.
Many would argue that if brought into schools, the lack of productivity could be disastrous for student achievement. If teachers are focusing on their brackets, they are not focusing on their lessons. This means students will not be taught and may not learn.
So then why would I suggest that March Madness belongs in schools if clearly there are negative effects?
While I can see why people would be hesitant to promote March Madness in schools, potential gains are being overlooked. I feel that bringing March Madness into schools has a huge upside-improved school climate. Continue reading “NCAA March Madness- Bringing Together Your Staff”