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Quick Tip- Student-Made Review Tests

A fun way my students like to review for tests is by creating their own tests.
I love it too because it is simple, effective, and low maintenance.
Here is how it works:

Step 1: Prepare the Template

I give the students a test template to begin. (PDF) (Word)
On the template, I specify:

  • How many questions
  • What type of questions
  • Which pages to use

Step 2: Student Partners

I let the students fill out the template in partners.
Because the partner can help clear up any misunderstandings there may be.
When they are finished, I have them check in with me to get feedback on their test.

Step 3: Switch Papers

After all of the partners have written their test and I have given some feedback, I let the students switch tests.
This gives the students an opportunity to take a practice test before the real one.
Students can either self grade using an answer key or return it to the test makers to correct.


This is a very simple way to do a review of a unit.
It takes very little prep time and gives the students a bit of autonomy and ownership of their review.
Let me know what you think of this tip and my template below in the comments.

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