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Would Ideo's Annual Review Re-Design Work in Education?

Teachers often speak very poorly of administrator observations for a variety of reasons. And by speak poorly I mean they loathe them, usually with a few expletives. As teachers we know feedback is valuable, but often times we find the observation process either as “a waste of time” or worse, demoralizing. I recently read about […]

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Writing Instruction

Revising and Editing with Young English Learners

Here are some quotes from teachers when asked about revising and editing in their elementary classroom: “Students can’t do it.” “We don’t even bother.” “I call in a sub for those days.” “It must be five o’clock somewhere…” FACT: Getting students to revise and edit is hard, and teachers typically don’t like to do it. […]

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Education Policy

NYT: Iran Bans English in Primary Schools to Block 'Cultural Invasion'

Ooo…spicy headline New York Times! (I totally clicked it!) According to this article, a senior education official in Iran told state television that the teaching of English in primary schools as part of the official curriculum in both government and nongovernment schools is against the law. I would love to get a focus group of […]

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Content-Based Instruction

The Mindset Needed to Balance Language and Content

I’ve discussed in previous posts (this one in particular) that balancing language and content is one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers in a content-based language classroom. But why? As I read and reflect more on Content-Based Language Teaching (CBLT), I believe a lot of it has to do with mindset. Specifically, I will […]

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