Revising and Editing with Young English Learners

Here are some quotes from teachers when asked about revising and editing in their elementary classroom:
“Students can’t do it.”
“We don’t even bother.”
“I call in a sub for those days.”
“It must be five o’clock somewhere…”
FACT: Getting students to revise and edit is hard, and teachers typically don’t like to do it.
But it’s important for students to learn how to revise and edit early because this practice helps them improve as writers.
So how can we teachers get students thinking about revising and editing?
All we need are ARMS and CUPS with MINTS.
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Struggling Writers? Let Them Speak!

Which do you find easier, speaking or writing?
I think most people would unequivocally answer speaking.
Writing is not easy. In fact, it can often be painful. I was having lunch with a friend the other day who lamented on the difficulty he had writing a paper for a course he is taking. Even for me, someone who writes fairly regularly, writing can be quite the task, especially a first draft.
But what if I told you writing a first draft could be as easy as speaking?
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