Category: For Bilingual Teachers

  • The Problem with Points and Averaged Grades

    Recently, I have been getting into the blog Grading for Growth. The blog is about alternative grading, which I believe can be incredibly useful in bilingual education. In short (though I suggest you read the blog), alternative grading focuses on feedback over grades. For bilingual students battling numerous challenges when learning through a non-dominant language, […]

  • Writing Objectives for a Bilingual Lesson

    When an additional language is brought in as a medium of instruction for a course (whether partially or fully), the first reaction of teachers is often this: “I don’t have enough time to teach everything.” In many classrooms around the world, teachers implement a coverage curriculum—that is, where the goal is to cover all of […]

  • A Response to “Tips for Making Taiwan Bilingual”

    On October, 10, 2021, the Taipei Times printed an opinion piece by Michael Riches titled “Tips for Making Taiwan Bilingual.” I would like to provide my response to some statements in the article. As Taiwan moves toward English-only instruction in 60 percent of elementary and high schools by 2024, with the goal of having a […]

  • The Importance of Teaching Morphemic Awareness

    A morpheme is a meaningful morphological unit of a language that cannot be further divided (Google’s English dictionary via Oxford Languages). For example, the English word incoming has three morphemes: in, come, ing. In the above webinar, Dr. Michelle Benegas discusses the idea that ALL teachers (not just language teachers) must be aware of and […]