It Takes a School to Change a (10) Child

A friend of mine shared with me a huge choice he made at the end of last school year.
He volunteered to teach a remedial grade 6 class with a long history of behavior problems.
Their behavior problems are so bad that many (and I mean many) of their former teachers have moved on to other schools, specifically citing behavior issues as the reason.
Sounds exciting, right?
More like “What was he thinking?”
In this post, I want to reflect on the experiences he shared with me and discuss my take on the solution. Continue reading “It Takes a School to Change a (10) Child”

Does Positive Reinforcement Work?

Jody Stallings, a middle school teacher and contributor to the Moultrie News, recently wrote an article titled “Teacher to Parent – Positive reinforcement doesn’t work in the long run” in which he responded to the following question from a third-grade parent:

My third grade son recently came home in tears saying he didn’t want to go to school anymore because he was punished for talking during silent reading. The teacher kept him in from recess. I think this is horrible. It isn’t a teacher’s job to destroy a child’s love for school. Instead of constant punishment for every little infraction, what about using positive reinforcement?

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3 Great Books About Classroom Management

What do a first-year teacher and a 30-year veteran have in common?
Both experience classroom management frustrations.
Many may dismiss classroom management as a rookie issue, but even teachers with years of experience need help with classroom management.
That being said, the help that a new teacher and an experienced teacher need is quite different. While one needs to build fundamental skills, the other can benefit by a reframing of perspective.
The following are my favorite books on classroom management. Because different teachers need different things, I have separated the 3 books by category: New Teacher, First Three Years, and Veteran Teacher. Continue reading “3 Great Books About Classroom Management”