Keith M. Graham, Ph.D.

Project-Appointed Assistant Professor
College of Teacher Education
National Taiwan Normal University

kmgraham [at]

Interesting Research & Resources


I’m Keith M. Graham. I currently work at National Taiwan Normal University.

As a Ph.D. student, I worked in the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University.

Before my doctorate, I was the professional development coordinator and a teacher at New Taipei City Yuteh Private Bilingual School in Taiwan. I have also taught middle school and high school in the Austin Independent School District in Texas.

Research Interests

Bilingual Education

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

English-Medium Instruction (EMI)

International Literacy

Teacher Education


Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Curriculum & Instruction

M.Ed., Sam Houston State University
International Literacy

B.M., University of Houston
Music Education

Select Journal Publications

Graham, K. M., Eslami, Z. R., & Hillman, S. (2021). English as the medium to English as a medium: Perspectives of EMI students in Qatar. System. Advance online publication.

Graham, K. M., Pan, W.-Y., & Eslami, Z. R. (2021). A critique of Taiwan’s bilingual education policy through a ROAD-MAPPING of teacher experiences. Current Issues in Language Planning. Advance online publication.

Graham, K. M., Kim, H., Choi, Y., & Eslami, Z. E. (2021). CLIL as a balance for gender differences?: The effect of gender on CLIL writing outcomes. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education. Advance online publication.

Graham, K. M., Matthews, S. D., & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Using children’s literature to teach the 4Cs of CLIL: A systematic review of EFL studies. Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning, 13(2), 163–189.

Graham, K. M., Elsheikh, A., & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Reflection on the mobilities, immobilities, inequalities, and traveling ideas in Qatar. The Journal of AsiaTEFL, 17(2), 626–634.

Graham, K. M., & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Does the Simple View of Writing explain L2 writing development?: A meta-analysis. Reading Psychology, 41(5), 485–511.

Graham, K. M., & Eslami, Z. R. (2019). Attitudes toward EMI in East Asia and the Gulf: A systematic review. Language Problems and Language Planning, 43(1), 8–31.

Hillman, S. K., Graham, K. M., & Eslami, Z. R. (2019). Teachers’ translanguaging practices at an international branch campus in Qatar. English Teaching and Learning, 43, 41–63.

Graham, K. M., Choi, Y., Davoodi, A., Razmeh, S., & Dixon, L. Q. (2018). Language and content outcomes of content-based instruction: A systematic review. Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning, 11(1), 19–37.